Vegas Invitational Cup

Basketours will be hosting its annual Vegas Invitational April 6-7, 2023. 

The 2 day showcase will feature the two premier teams of Basketours USA, Unknown International and Palio Venkas BC

The 2 day Cup event will reward the following:

  • Vegas Invitational Cup Champion (Winner of Game 2) 
  • Vegas Invitational Cup MVP (Best player over 2 games)
  • Vegas Invitational Cup Team (Best 5 players over 2 games)

Coaches and other overseas officials will be tuned into the games online to recruit possible free agent talent. There is expected to be several live scouts recruiting as well as FIBA agents at each game. 

Basketours has had over 30 players advance to higher professional leagues around the world including the NBA and EuroLeague. 

As the world’s only International Basketball League, Basketours has set a pathway for players to showcase their talent in the USA, Greece, Canada, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Estonia and more.

35 team executives from 10 different countries will be watching this event live streamed!

If you missed the initial registration but would still like to play you can signup as a call-up player below. A Call-up player can participate if a team needs an extra player to participate.

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