Pro Day Dates Announced

Basketours USA announces Pro Day Showcase dates and locations.

Players seeking to play on a team in Basketours can attend a local tryout to earn a roster spot. Here is the current list of tryout dates and cities:

March 3rd- Denver
March 10- Las Vegas
April 15- Vancouver
May 20- San Antonio
June 3- Toronto
June 23- Miami

June 30- Charlotte

Basketours League includes a 10 game USA season with 3 Cup Tournaments and a Championship Tournament in Greece to conclude the year in August.

The Laconia Summer Basketour is the premier event of the league that will feature a 6 team pool of North American and European players. Launched in 2017, the league is the biggest summer basketball tournament in Greece! Over 100 professional players have played in this event with over 30 advancing to play in higher leagues in Europe.